6-Month Platform & Business Building Mastermind
for authors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches & executives who like to play as much as they like to make money!

Join an intimate group of playful peers, slay resistance, master online marketing
& raise your authentic voice.

Empower yourself to make your passion your fortune. Position Yourself as the Thought Leader you are! 


3-Day Live Kickoff your Brand Retreat
5 Full-Day Project-Based Mastermind Workshops
2 Monthly Support & Training Calls
6 1-on-1 Sessions with Zhena

plus Tech, Design, Styling & Photoshoot support

Imagine waking up and seeing new clients and sales pouring into your inbox. Imagine your book, product, and/or services selling effortlessly around the world.

Create an authentic brand, fabulous product, and addictive marketing and monetize your offerings, delight your audience, and build beauty in the world.

Join POP: A Laboratory where you'll play, get clear, and create your Great Work!

What if building your wealth could be as fun as having tea with your best friend?
What if it could be the thing you look forward to every day?  
Join the POP Mastermind & Laboratory and make it so!

What You'll Accomplish:
Develop your brand & define your unique offering.
Create and market products, courses and offerings that excite you...no more boring cookie cutter techniques!
Reach the audience that will buy your product or book.
Stop ineffective marketing immediately and express yourself and your offerings in a clear and compelling manner.
Systematize your creativity so you don’t need a big staff.
Stop spinning your wheels on social media.
Stake your financial claim in the world.
Wrangle the chaos of a content calendar.
Decode the dreaded sales funnel.
Meet experts from Zhena’s network that can help you make your dreams come true.
Create trends - don't follow them.

 Bring your most audacious dream & Zhena will mentor you to build your brand, audience & business
Monthly Workshops:

January: Initiation

A three-day workshop initiating you into your Next-Level Self. Learn how to read your soul's code to uncover your one-of-a-kind success strategy. Find the courage to claim the message you came to deliver. When your book, course, product, and business is founded on the integrity of your deliciously authentic self, marketing and growing revenues becomes effortless and fun.

POP Talk Labs Takeaway: Soul-mapping, vision and mission statement, branding language, clarified offer, branding mood board with fonts, colors, and textures, & your avatar/soul mate clients creation!

February: Bring Your Financial Fantasies to Life

Create a love affair with your market through captivating content, products, and services. What’s the best way to captivate? By simply being yourself. When you combine the practical magic of creating an irresistible offer with the power of financial planning you will see the true potential of your profitable product. Don’t lose sight of luck!

POP Talk Takeaway: Your product revenue plan, target market research and identification & business plan.
March: Plan Your Party

Marketing is like planning a party. Get your party invite into the right hands and set a table for a feast like no other. Whether you're launching online or in person, refreshing your current company brand and offers or creating new ones, and whether you're launching a book, product, or service, this is the month we write your marketing plan to reach your soul mate audience. You will then dig into your website and perfect how you speak to your audience. Romance the world with your stunning ideas, products, and services...

Are you a direct touch marketer? Are you an e-blast marketer? Are you an affiliate marketer? Are you a networker? Learn your natural marketing DNA so that your launch will integrate all you have learned into your new or current business. We will review the different types of product launch strategies from marketing greats and discern which are authentic to you.

POP Talk Takeaway: Create your sales funnel(s), learn which online services and platforms to use, update or create your web design, and crack the copywriting code.

April: The Perfect Pitch--Media Training 

Learn how to confidently pitch and market yourself to customers, readers, investors, media, collaborators and affiliates. You will also learn how to effectively ask for help...and promote your offers. 

POP Talk Takeaway: Your marketing pitch, Clarifying your public speaking topics, solidify your talking points with the media, and learn how to integrate publicity outreach into your business model.

May: Size Doesn't Matter

Depending on your vision for your business and life, you'll craft a social media strategy to build and speak to the hearts of your audience. The size of your audience doesn't matter as much as the quality of your engagement.

Does social media spin you into browser blackout? Have you hired social media people only to feel your voice was lost in translation? We will decode, discern and polish your social media strategy in this month's course. You'll learn how to successfully engage quality social media traffic to your website/blog, store, and/or speaker page. 

POP Talk Takeaway: Content calendar, optimizing social media pages, writing for high volume websites & blog syndication


It's time to launch! You will launch (or relaunch) your new or updated messaging, website, product, or service. We'll put finishing touches on your gorgeous new brand and send it into the world with flawless execution and with the support of your POP Lab Mastermind support! We will test and tweak your offers this month and focus on results...in the most enjoyable way humanly possible :). 

POP Talk Takeaway: Market testing, launch strategies & launching your product, site, service, course, book or offering!

No product?
No problem.

If you don't have a product yet to sell, you can brand yourself as the product for upcoming books, programs and offers.

We will take time to position you as a thought leader in your area of influence and expertise.

Stop Trying, Start Doing!

Program Dates:
Monthly Workshops:
(Join in-person or livestream)
*January 26th - 28th
*February 24th 
*March 24th
*April 28th
*May 19th
*June 16th
Monthly Calls:
*2nd Tuesday of every month from 2pm - 4pm 
1-on-1 Consulting Calls
*Scheduled after sign up 

At POP, you'll receive $50,000+ worth of support, strategy, and resources over 6 months for only $5997.

Limited to 10 lucky Popsters! 

Enroll NOW!

Welcome to POP!

I LOVE seeing authentic leaders rise to their full potential so that they can offer their unique gifts to the world. I’ve noticed many entrepreneurs, coaches, executives and writers with revolutionary products, programs or books get discouraged when going to market and never get to deliver their extraordinary offering. The world can't wait any longer!

That’s why I’ve created POP – a platform and business building mastermind to help you navigate what seems like a daunting world of marketing. We're going to have fun and we're going to play, and you'll see that with the right perspective and tools, marketing doesn't have to be a challenge. By the end of the 6-month mastermind, we’ll be *POP*ing champagne for your business success!

In Light,


POP is for soulful authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, executives & managers who:

Want encouragement and support to launch their brand in a safe, exciting circle of savvy peers.

Want to build a platform to catapult visibility to help build their own business or grow within a company.
Are looking for high level sales strategy support from business, marketing, and design experts.
Need practical coaching on day-to-day marketing tactics and actions.
Want to save time and money in executing products/programs within their brand or business.

Have products that they want to sell, and share an uplifting message with the world.

Want to inspire and serve the world while having the means to do so!
As a good marketer would say...
Space is Limited...but really it is!
Membership includes:

3-Day January Initiation Retreat

5 1-day Workshops (Program Dates)

Monthly 2-hour mastermind calls

Monthly 1-on-1 coaching call with Zhena

Private Facebook group with ongoing support of Zhena and your POP masterminders

Membership to Zhena's tribe to receive exclusive discounts to all events and reduced consulting rates

Payment Options:
$5997 for 6 months
$1167/month for 6 months
(save $1000 when you pay in advance)

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"My coaching calls with Zhena have been one of the most significant milestones of my career. Her expert advice, wisdom and guidance have steered me in the right direction in remarkable ways I could never accomplish on my own. If you are looking to make a major upgrade to accomplishing your strategic business goals, I highly recommend you contact my Chief Guardian Angel Extraordinaire Zhena!"

Molly Lavik

Founder, Mentor InSight
Creator, #AIShowBiz

“LOVED Zhena’s workshop. I just wish someone would have given me all this invaluable information before I published my first book! Zhena is knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic, inspiring, full of fabulous ideas, and willing to share her in-depth experience! I walked away from the workshop enriched with new cutting-edge ideas about marketing and the feeling to have found my tribe.“

Michaela Haas
Author of Bouncing Forward and Dakini Power

"Zhena’s Mastermind awakened my knowingness that my words are worth sharing. Through Zhena's thoughtful guidance and the wisdom of my fellow "masterminders" I was able to craft a book that I'm proud to say is being published by New World Library! I couldn't have done it without Zhena's support and uncanny knowledge of all things books."

Bailey Gaddis
Author of Feng Shui Mommy